Relation of Comfort Zone with Success and Failure | Growth Factor in Context of Comfort

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Browse the success quotes, quote topic: Life's growth in context of comfort.


"Growth comes once you come out of the comfort zone."


If you put your best efforts ignoring the things which give you comfort, you could achieve your set goal.


1. if you want to catch the train at 4: 00 am then you will have to leave you comfort and get to wake up at 3: 00 am to enable yourself to catch the train otherwise you will miss the train.

Summary: you have to leave your sweet sleep behind to catch the train.2. If you want to be an engineer which is a dream job of your life, you need to study a lot in regular manner so that best position and best engineering branch in exam can be achieved.Summary: you have to study till late night and again start you study early in the morning leaving sweet sleep far behind because today’s sacrifice is the comfort of tomorrow.

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