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Find the Life Quotes, Quote Based on: Relation of Success with Good and Bad Experience.


"Success comes from good experience, good experience comes from bad experience so respect the bad experience."

Quote Mean: 

If you want to save your money for 10 years in any investment schemes then you have to save your money in any reliable investment scheme whether it is government or private scheme. If you investment in the private scheme then do some investigation about the investment scheme provider in context of its past history and its track record of successful delivery. Don't get lured by their high return schemes otherwise this may put up your investment in danger.

Instead of this, if you still invest your money in high return schemes of private companies without any investigation it means company has closed your eyes by their promise of high return on investment. This happens with large number of people. Large number of investors invest their money in the ponzi investment schemes. Later when company runs away with invested money, all investors start crying, filing the police complaints and many more. They start promising they will not invest these kind of schemes in future again. This is the bad experience, they face. This is the lesson of life comes from the bad experience.


investing huge money in bogus schemes just to get high return and later loose their hardcore money.

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